Sunday, January 21, 2007

A big Thank you to Adventure Faith

We would like to express our heart felt thanks to Mr. Mike Barrett at Adventuerfaith for his support. Mr. Barrett has provide an opportunity for the foundation to generate so revenue to go towards future scholarships. It is "out-of-the-box" opportunities like this that we love. Check out Mr. Barrett's blog and his new book "The Danger Habit." Thanks again Mr. Barrett.

The Power of Relationship

If you take a look at effective life changing systems you find at the center a commitment to relationship building. Programs do not change people, people change people. And some of us need change. But change is not an easy mountain to climb, is it? There are untold experiences that have left their mark on our lives. Many of these experiences create negative perceptions that define one's character.
How do you over come hate when every where you look is full of hate? How do you trust when everyone you have trusted has forsaken that trust? How do you become worthy if you are never given a chance to show your worth? There are so many issues facing today's youth and so few positive relationships for them to learn from. Adventure programing is a great way to build relationship while teaching positive life choices. Let's walk a 100 miles and talk about. Let's climb a 100 peaks and discover life together. Let's touch a 100 lives together and learn to be brothers and sisters.

The EDGE Foundation works with existing youth programs. Our goal is to join two worlds; the inner city and the wilderness. We have found that by becoming a bridge for inner city youth to experience the wilderness we create an opportunity for youth to discover. They discover that "enemies" are not all that different than themselves, that failure is a choice, and that success takes sweat.

The magic of what we do is in the how we do it. Existing programs send adults who are already working with the youth in their neighborhoods. We "bridge" that group to an existing wilderness experiential education program. This allows the events of the trip to resonate with the group long after the trip is completed. Many inner city programs do not have the means to get their youth to the top of a peak safely. By becoming the link the EDGE Foundation creates ways to fund these outstanding inner city programs to undertake such an adventure. The inner city youth group earns a scholarship by participating in a community service project. That project is designed to impact the quality of life issues in their neighborhoods. Once the project is completed the EDGE Foundation funds scholarships for these youth to participate in an adventure of a life time. The wilderness outfitter focuses on life skills like; communication, teamwork, personal responsibility, problem solving, anger management, and positive self image to name a few skills. These skills are learned along side experienced instructors that venture step for step with the youth. Camp fire talks and shared daily responsibilities create an environment rich with positive relationship. The kind of relationships that truly change lives.

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